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 Interview Of Jal

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PostSubject: Interview Of Jal   Interview Of Jal EmptyFri Dec 19, 2008 4:12 pm



1. How do you feel being here at the TTIS Carnival?

G- We were a bit tired but it was amazing performing here. This carnival is something new and interesting. The crowd present here is great. A loving crowd is hard to find who waited for us in spite of delay. I love the people of Calcutta and I think they are the best of fans I have ever seen.

2. These days many bands are splitting up. Why is it so?

G- Teammanship is vital. Trust, honesty & understanding are important. In a band, you should treat a song as his own.

3. Being an international band, how do you feel performing in India?

G- India is great. It is like our home. We have performed in Delhi, which is like Lahore and also in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Roukela and Goa. We love performing in India.

4. Tell us something about your signature number lamhey

G- Lamhey is actually about fond memories of one’s loved ones. it is actually about remembering the beautiful moments.

5. How has JAL formed?

G-Well, it was three of us who actually formed it. We were in college when we got interest in singing and then after o lot of hard work and effort, JAL, came into being.

6. Why did you name your band JAL?

G- JAL means water and each of us need water to survive. Most of the earth comprises water. We wanted to have a word close to everybody and we thought jal is the appropriate word.

7. Who is your all-time favorite singer?

G-Bryan Adams.

8. What is your view about TTIS great challenge?

G- I have been to many fests but a fest entirely for students is a rare one. Moreover it belongs to a paper meant for students. I haven’t come across any such newspaper till now. It is a great concept and deserves even greater credit and applause.

9. What is your message to the TTIS readers?

G- Work hard and enjoy life.


1. With the release of your one song, you became the youth icons. How did it happen so fast?

F- It really happens very fast, when the song was released in Pakistan, it was liked by everyone. We received a great response and our song was in great demand. Our fan mails kept coming in and blocked our systems. It was released everywhere and was equally liked by everyone and it was proved when we performed live. Youth Icon is too big a word for us; however it is great to be loved by everyone.

2. What is the important criterion to be a good playback singer?

F- One must have a passion for singing and pursue not as a hobby, but as a profession. Always try to give your best and God will do the rest.

3. What should a participant have in mind while going for any kind of competition?

F- If you are going for the stage for the first time, just keep yourself relaxed. Take it easy and remain calm. Close your eyes and remember God. Have faith in yourself and then sing from your heart.

4. Any message for your fans

F- Always remember that, no matter how high you climb, you should never forget your roots.


1. How has been the journey of JAL so far?

S- The journey has been tough and it becomes tougher and tougher with responsibilities. JAL started with a song which rocked the nations and had its soothing affects capturing their minds. There were many happy moments as well as sad moments, but JAL is still in shape.

2. How did you feel when you saw the crowd cheering for you?

S- I felt on top of the world. For artistes like us, every moment is a moment of happiness and when it is to do with the performances, it is a heavenly feeling.

3. How can a young singer improve himself/herself?

S- Listen to all kinds of music as it will help you to grasp things easily. If possible try to take some formal training in singing, practice a lot but not at the cost of your studies.

so guyes n-joy

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Interview Of Jal
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